This is part of the transcript of a talk I gave at The Developer Conference in Porto Alegre. You can find the deck online

I broke the transcript in several part that can be read independantly:

Existing microservices stacks

A micro service looks like the following. It has all the component to be operable and manageable.

Full picture

This is a lot to create and automation will just free time to work on more important things. I don’t know any easy simple stack. Complexity is inherent to what we want to achieve: an agile business that can scale in developer and features.

I am aware of three stacks:

  • twitter stack based on finagle
  • Netflix stack (spring cloud is using it intensively)
  • Akka

I am currently using Netflix stack and had some experience with Akka. None of those stacks are easy and well documented. They both require a lot of study and work. If you start using one of them, work as a hacker, reading the component codes and tests to figure out what it does and how to use it.

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